Cloud transformation can be a complex journey

The principle of unified communication is about bridging the gaps between people; your teams, your clients, your suppliers and your partners. The promise of unified communications is to connect things effectively in order to improve the users’ experience and increase performance.

Many enterprises have started their cloud journeys, whether the journey be centered on digital transformation, improving customer intimacy, driving productivity or attracting the workforce of 2020. Like many desirable strategies, it is much more complex than it looks.

To make your journey to the cloud a success, and realise the full Return On Investment (ROI) of Unified Communications (UC), you need a strong partner to navigate the many hidden complexities on the way. We at Arkadin know that more than just a technical challenge, moving to the cloud is a people challenge.

Therefore, Arkadin Cloud Transformation Services focus on the user. We combine market-leading UC solutions from Microsoft and Cisco with our own proven consulting and managed services. Only when technology and people are fully accounted for, will your enterprise realise the full ROI of UC.

Benefit from our End-to-End approach

Step 1: Consulting Services

Invest effort in key areas upfront to avoid exponential time, effort and expenses down the road. With our experience in planning complex Intelligent Communication projects we help you to create an efficient and realistic plan tailored to your business.

Step 2: Planning Services

Gather information and insights in order to assess, design and prepare for the cloud communications deployment. In our workshops, we assess your current infrastructure as well as your workforce to ensure your transformation to the cloud is well prepared and will be instantly successful.

Step 3: Delivery Services

Implement and deliver your new cloud communications service effectively and stress-free. With our long-standing experience we deploy your new technology, migrate your users and drive end user adoption so your business can enjoy the full benefits of Unified Communications.

Step 4: Operational Services

Optimise your deployment services to improve success and user experience. Our admin and end-user services deliver high quality and reliable cloud communications service through monitoring, reporting and help desk services to guarantee a consistent user experience.